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Community groups.
Doing life together.

We believe life is better in community because:

  1. We were purposely designed to do life together.
  2. Groups and teams were the model Jesus Christ used to build His Church.
  3. Community is the primary model of caring for one another

We believe that Community Groups are the best and most practical way of living out our mission to make disciples and connect others to God, Community, and Purpose. God created the church to be a family, to do life together, to encourage and support one another, and to disciple one another as well as those outside the church. This cannot happen at the depth needed on a Sunday morning. That’s where Community Groups come in! We crave connection and relationship and yet those deep and personal friendships are becoming increasingly difficult to develop in today’s culture of hectic schedules and increasing commute times. Community Groups provide opportunities for life-changing and meaningful relationships to be cultivated as members live life and seek God together. Community Groups are where we dive deep and work out what God is doing in and through our lives. Community and fellowship are essential to discipleship and living out our call as the body of Christ and Community Groups help people discover authentic connections, grow spiritually, and take the next steps in fulfilling the purpose God created them for.

Hosts, facilitators, and apprentices work together to cultivate space and connection for these communities. Hosts organize and create welcoming and hospitable environments for their group to gather, whether that is in their home, a local coffee shop, a bookstore, a room in the church, etc. Facilitators cultivate a culture of respect, love, and growth, guiding and prompting conversation and caring for the members of their group. Some individuals choose to both host and facilitate their group. Apprentices are individuals who partner with a facilitator in order to grow and eventually step into the role of a facilitator themselves.

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