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Our Mission

It is the mission of Lighthouse Community Church to Know God & Show God through making disciples of Jesus Christ by connecting people to God, Community & Purpose.
We serve a God who loves each and every one of us passionately, so passionately that He gave His only son, Jesus, to die on the cross and bear your sin so that he can be closer to you.

We strive to connect people to God by engaging in Worshiping Him through Singing and
opening God's word together.
Community is our middle name, and we believe that God created us to be in community with others. We highly encourage every person to be active in a community group or serving on a team, since community is where personal growth, care, and connectedness occur most.
We equip and inspire each believer to use their gifts and calling to show God to all people, because God has created every person on purpose for a purpose.

Our Values

We put Christ at the center

Christ is central to our worship and our lives. The way we act and treat others should be influenced by Christ and His love for us.

We are authentic

We do not put up fronts and false images of who we are. We are real and recognize our brokenness and sin, we accept people for who they are and where they are in their journey with Christ.

We value ALL people

All people have inherent value as God's creation and therefore, should be treated as such. Though we may not agree with other's lifestyle choices, we should still show them love regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation or political world view.

We are contributors, not consumers

Todays culture is centered around the consumer and not our contribution to society. As Christians we are called to be counter-cultural and commit to being contributors and not consumers. To spread Christ's love and not our desire for self.

We Believe

Biblical Authority

The Bible is the highest source of written authority for God's plan for His people; it reveals how to live out that plan, individually and corporately. Beliefs, practices, and priorities are to be anchored in clear biblical teachings.

Christ Likeness

Jesus Christ is the defining feature of God's will for all humankind. In Christ is found the highest and most practical meaning and clearest example for holy living or godliness. Christ is both example and strength as we pursue integrity, excellence, faith, hope, and love.


Making disciples is a clear mandate from Christ. This requires a strong focus on evangelism and training in spiritual growth and holy living. Done effectively, this will produce and promote growth and health in and among the church.

Servant Leadership

We respect leadership that is placed over them, while realizing that the authority and effectiveness of spiritual leadership is not primarily bestowed, but earned and manifested by a loving and willing heart of obedience that serves God and mankind gladly.

Cultural Relevance

We are called to keep serving the present age. The church respects and builds on its past without becoming its slave. We are "culture informed" for the sake of reaching people for Christ, but not "culture captives," in the sense of surrendering core values, beliefs, and behaviors.

Unity and Diversity

There is intrinsic value in every person. Biblical unity becomes all the more important and beautiful in the light of the wide-ranging differences in personalities, cultures, races, languages, talents, and perspectives. Finding unity and mutual love in Christ eliminates devaluation and deprivation of life to one another.

Lighthouse Community Church is a ministry of the Wesleyan Church and therefore, aligns with the practices and beliefs of the Wesleyan Church.
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